This is our list of Standard Flatstock Inks. Any custom PMS is a fee of $15.

Note that Hex numbers are only an approximation of the PMS numbers.


+ We recommend working at 600 dpi or vector for the highest quality finished print. This is most important for stickers and paper products (but wouldn't hurt for t-shirt art as well!).

+ Max screen size for posters is 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall.

+  Stickers/posters/stationery: must be in one of the VGKids templates. 12 pixels of trapping is ideal, though depending on the art, some won't allow for this much. Overprinting can be used when possible to reduce the need for tight registration and for effect.

We do not gang up prints for flatstock unless you request a custom layout. The pricing for custom layout includes multiple pieces and cuts.

+ Minimum quantities for flatstock varies depending on the item.

+ We can take the following file formats: .psd, .ai, .pdf, .tiff, .jpeg, .svg, .png



Our Screen printed Vinyl Stickers are a great and affordable option for merch, promo and giveaways. 

+ Vinyl stickers are available in white vinyl, white vinyl with a printable back, clear vinyl and static window cling for the same cost. Please request your preference.

+ We recommend adding a clear coat to any Vinyl Sticker order for stickers that are intended to be placed in high traffic, high wear situations, such as: waterbottles, lap tops and cell phones.

NOTE: A Clear Coat is also available for stickers and is charged as a color. 

+ Die Cut stickers do not include the cost of having the actual die made. These costs vary depending on the die line itself but are typically in the range of $80-$100 on top of the order. However, we keep your dies on file forever so if you reorder your stickers, you will not pay this fee again.
Die Cut stickers have an additional 5 days added to the turn around.


Our Full Color stickers are a great and affordable option for artwork with many colors and textures as they are digitally printed.
These are very durable stickers with a life of about 3 years and come with a free UV coat!

+ Die Cut Full Color Stickers do not require a die, die fee or additonal turn around.


Can you print metallic ink?

The common metallic inks we use are Gold and Silver. Due to the lower viscosity and large metallic flakes in these inks, tiny details such as small text and halftone do not up hold well. To combat this issue we use a coarse mesh screen to acheive a clean, metallic print, which requires art to be 11-12 pixels @ 600dpi, vs. the required 6 pixels @ 600dpi for non-metallic inks. This applies to both positive and negative art elements. 

Looking for a metallic color other than silver or gold? Your artwork may be eligible for a glitter layer! We are able to apply a glitter layer over any PMS color with gold, silver or clear flakes for a metallic effect. See your Customer Service Rep for pricing. 

Can I expect extras with my order?

We retain the a policy of +/- 5% on all shipments except garmnets. Given we often send overages complimentary, it is not a guarantee.