To ensure that our printing process goes smoothy and gains maximum efficiency, we have set up a simple process to follow for placing your order!

When we receive your order (or if you place an order with us), we will check it over and make sure everything is up to par with our process. We look at things like your artwork, quantities, ink color and material inconsistencies, contact and shipping info. If we helped set up your order, you will need to approve this invoice in order to move forward in the printing process. A simple, "Looks good!" will do.

Please note, our estimate invoices are only valid for 90 days, after which they may be susceptible to change.

Once the invoice is approved, you will need to make a deposit for the full amount of the order. This allows for better production and accuracy in our printing process, ensuring the best prints possible.
This payment ultimately processes the order over to the Art Department.

Our Art Department will then send digital proofs for review and approval. Once recieved, you can then let us know if it's good to send to press or if you want to see any changes. We only move forward when we get a firm answer that everything looks good to go.

After proof approval, the clock starts on production. Our standard turn around for garments is 7-10 business days (about 2 weeks) AFTER proof approval, not including transit time. 

NEW GARMENT ORDERS & REORDERS: 7-10 business days, not including transit time.

Anything sooner than this is considered a rush and will incur a fee that is determined by how quick of a turnaround is being requested. Poster turnaround is dependent on our schedule and can change throughout the year. Most often, it is between 6-8 weeks minimum. 

Setting a firm in-hands date with your Customer Service Representative during the invoice phase will help both you and us, to expedite the necessary action for your order. Anything that does not have an In-Hands date (the date you need them by) will fall under 7-10 Business days after proofs are approved. 

PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes our turn-around can be extended if our presses book up. We'll let you know how it's looking once the order is placed.

Please note that when your job is finished your screen is reclaimed. We do not save any screens. If you are placing a reorder, please note all screen fees will be charged.

We do however keep all of your artwork and past orders on file. This speeds up the amount of processing time it takes to create your reorder.


+ UPS transit time offerings (standard is Ground). We are able to ship your order on your own account if applicable. 

+ Pick up is free + we notify you when your order is ready! We are curb-side pickup only 


+ If you have an issue with your order please contact us within 30 days to request your refund. Note that we will need the full order returned in order to issue the refund.