Pricing policy

Rush Fees

Rush fees are 10% of the order total per calendar day for orders that need to be completed in less than 7 days.


Please use our templates were possible. If you are having trouble placing your artwork in on of our templates, let us know so that we can assist you.

Art Department / Design Fees

Art Department fees are $50 per hour, charged by the half hour.

URL + Content Add/Change

If you would like us to add a URL to your artwork or make any modifications, a $25 art fee will be applied.

Online Proof

Online Proofs are included and will be recieved after the order has been placed and the invoice has been approved and paid for.

Pre-flight Mockups

If seeing an online proof is an asset for gatthering pre-orders, or would like to see before paying for the full order, this is typically a $25 deposit. 

Ship Blind

We can ship orders blind complimentary, just let us know.

Ink Switch

Ink switches are $15 each-- that's $15 every time one ink switches to another. So if you've got a 1 color image on the front, back, and sleeve, and wanted to take them all from white to black, that'd be $45.

Custom Ink

We're happy to mix custom inks for $15 each, and prefer the Pantone Matching System (solid coated) number, just like the rest of North America. 

Customer Supplied Stock

We're happy to print on customer supplied stock. While we make every effort to have zero losses, some errors may occur-- 3-5% should be expected. VGKids is not liable for items damaged during processing.

XXL Shirts

Add about $1.50 per shirt for sizes XXL and larger.